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Funding Breakthrough Cancer Research in Huddersfield #BringingTheCancerFightHome

Cancer researchers at the University of Huddersfield aim to develop new treatments specifically for young people, developing a new form of treatment based on the molecule named CD40, which destroys cancerous tumours without harming healthy cell tissue.

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The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust was excited to find out about this breakthrough and has pledged ongoing support and funding through its Jacquie Roeder Research Fund.

This will be the first research funded by The Trust in Huddersfield and is appropriately the first research funded in the name of the new fund created in honour of Laura Crane's mum and Trust founder Jacquie Roeder who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The University's Dr Nik Georgopoulos is leading the research and is delighted that his work has a new dimension, thanks to the Trust's backing.

"So far we have looked at cancers that affect mainly adults, so this is a great opportunity for us to delve into cancers affecting mainly young people."

"We are trying to understand if CD40 is capable of killing tumour cells that specifically originate from people who are younger. We need to find out if it is possible to develop a therapy especially for them." said Dr Georgopoulos.

The Trust's funding pays for a specially-appointed doctoral researcher, who will research how the new treatment regime can be targeted at cancer in young people. The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust will also contribute towards the major upgrade of a scanning device that is crucial to Dr Georgopoulos's lab research.