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January 2018 Home and dry

Home and dry definition: having successfully achieved or being within sight of achieving one's objective.

Home and dry conjures up lots of meanings especially as we welcome in the new year, perhaps with slight in-trepidation.

During 2017 the trust lost some very special and important people and 2017 saw the trust making some very important funding decisions including the pledge to fund pioneering cancer research, to bring it home and create an amazing partnership with some  incredible scientists at the University of Huddersfield.

Will you support our Home and dry fundraiser for January 2018.  During the month of January take the pledge to have a dry January and abstain from alcohol, coffee or fizzy drinks for 31 days.  The health benefits will not be your only reward but you will help the charity fund important research and support work.

For example, fund the work of our scientists towards a day when our bodies can rid itself of cancer cells and the harsh and invasive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are treatments of our past.

You can help us take great strides to making this a reality, you can make this happen so please for 31 days in January help us and help yourself to get Home and dry.


Make the pledge and set up an online fundraising page, for example through JustGiving and ask your friends and family to support you.