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Steven Miller’s Marathon Challenge

Charity Ambassador Steven Miller will be joining our Patron Keith Senior in this year's London Marathon in April.

Steven was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 20 and the experience has impacted on his attitude to life and in welcoming challenges.

"The marathon has been on my bucket list for years as one of those crazy, inspired why the hell not kind of things. And after years of applying I finally get my chance.  It might just be the hardest thing I'll have done and I've done some pretty stupid stuff.

A friend once said to me "remembering is not enough" so I use this to challenge myself and prove there is a reason I'm still here, a higher purpose for me if you will. Then hopefully by wandering out of my comfort zone, something good can come of it."

Steven first became involved with the charity in 2011 as a spokesperson during our "Gonads" research campaign and talked very frankly about his experience as a young man with testicular cancer.

"Having my testicle removed really knocked my self-confidence. Lots of things kept going through my mind, such what would happen when I met a girl and how would I explain it to them. Now I just see it as a reminder of what I've been through. It helps me look upon life with no fear, and challenge myself to live life to the full."

Steven also appeared on our radio campaign throughout Yorkshire, the campaign also featured our Patron Catherine Tate. Steven was awarded the Laura's Star at our annual dinner in 2013 for his contribution to the fight against cancer in young people.

Steve Miller cropped

Steven used his experienced to highlight the importance of getting health concerns checked out. "The best piece of advice I can give to anyone who thinks they may have testicular cancer is 'Get it checked out! Get over dropping your pants, it will take five minutes and if it's nothing then you've lost nothing. My friend whose cancer was four to five months more advanced than mine is no longer here to tell his story, so please get checked!"

Read Steve Miller's story here.

Steven will be joining the Trust's Patron Keith Senior in the London Marathon, one of the world's most iconic races on 22 April, alongside 50,000 participants. We may not be on the start line with them, but we will be supporting them at each step of the arduous 26.2 mile run. This will be the fifth London Marathon for Keith and perhaps the first of many for Steven.

You can support Steven Miller in the London marathon here.