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Getting Tough Lottery Bottom

30 weekly cash prizes totalling £1,600

11 annual cash prizes totalling £15,000

£2 weekly play

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The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust is focused on getting tough on cancer. Through targeted research into cancer affecting young people, health and body awareness in early years and support for young cancer patients, we are attacking cancer from every direction.

Your regular lottery contribution will ensure we can continue and increase this attack.

Will you be getting tough on cancer?

How it works

You can purchase up to two entries per person. Each entry will be allocated a unique set of numbers which are yours for as long as you play.

Every Friday 30 lucky winners are selected at random. Prize cheques are then automatically posted to the winners.

To play you must be 16 or over. You can check the results weekly here and on facebook.

Download your Getting Tough On Cancer Lottery application here.

Alternatively, to request an application through the post, please contact Helen at helen@lauracranetrust.org or call 01484 510013. Thank you.