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Awesome Foursome at Magna


The Awesome Foursome at the Abyss, Magna (Rotherham) is perfect for all you thrill seekers, putting you through four adrenaline fuelled activities:

A zip wire standing 70 feet and stretched across the length of Magna, sends you flying across the old melting pots.

The free abseil is the ultimate test of control. Climbing up the 150ft Face of Steel is only the start of this gruelling challenge, as you have to abseil down through free air, not the side of a wall.

Now imagine climbing 143 steep stairs in darkness, with only spotlights to direct your vision. Music's thumping around you, dry ice fills the Face of Steel, and then, standing at 150ft, you have to take on the world's highest indoor bungee jump, whilst everyone watches on big screens.

If that's not exciting enough for you, how about stepping off a 150ft high platform, falling, and then coming to a soft landing with just a safety harness? How? One word: Powerfan. This is the only one in the world from this height. The fan controls a person's decent, for the ultimate freefall experience.

Registration fee: £20  Sponsorship (minimum): £200
Various dates available. Email for details.