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Stephen Fry

Acclaimed actor, comedian, writer, director and fount of all knowledge,  Stephen Fry has been a 'Celebrity Supporter' of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust since February 2004. Stephen supports each annual ball by donating signed items for auction, including signed audio books of his reading of Harry Potter and has recently caused a stir on twitter by tweeting about 'leaving a mark on the charity's Wall'.

Jack Dee

Comedian Jack Dee became the charity's first Patron in 2001. Jack attended two fundraising Balls, running the auction at each one and also supported the charity through his show at the Grand Theatre in Leeds. The charity is deeply indebted to Jack for the supportive patronage he gave us over a 2-year period.

Zoe Lucker

Actress Zoe Lucker served as Patron of the charity from 2004 to 2007. Zoe launched the 2006, Survive and Thrive 10 Year Anniversary Appeal.

Many other celebrities, including Ewan McGregor, Helena Bonham-Carter, Jo Brand, David Baddeil, Billy Connolly, Brian Blessed and Harry Hill, have lent their support to our work in various ways. Some of our celebrity supporters have left a message on The Wall.